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Dee Cousins – Motivational Speaker

September 14, 20231 min read

Dee Cousins is a Motivational Speaker and Mindset Coach, who resides in New Haven Ct She is a Visionary and Wants to see Everyone Win. Her Passion For Elevating Mindsets And Mental Health is Amazing She wants to spread awareness to all, She is also passionate about Empowering Other Women and Showing them the way to having a full life full of self-care love, and joy.

She is very transparent about her own battles with Mental Health illness, she will be sharing how she concord and fought back, how she turned her pain into purpose. How You Can Become Healthy and Wealthy in your minds, how it is such a game changer. How you too can take control of your life by paying more attention to yourself, so you are able to identify your triggers and have a wealthy and healthy mindset!

I’m living my Blessed Life!

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Suzanne Peters

Suzanne Peters is the CEO of Woman To Woman Network. A growth and business development company for women who want more out of life. Suzanne is also a best-selling author, international speaker and business coach for women. ​Suzanne specializes in training ambitious women to leverage their story, life experiences and voice to build their own high impact, high paying business, so they can live life on their own terms.

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