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3 Ways Your Mindset Affects Your Life & Business

September 14, 20233 min read

Being an entrepreneur has several obstacles in addition to numerous advantages. One major obstacle is your business mentality and determining whether you’re setting yourself up for success or failure.

Identifying your thinking requires the use of common sense. If you’re frightened of failing, the likelihood is that you will, as you won’t want to take any risks and hence won’t take any action. However, it is possible to change this mentality so that, rather than being frightened, you become driven to make your business a success. Which situation do you prefer: being resolute and acting, or being fearful and hiding in a corner and doing nothing?

Prevalent mindsets that may have a detrimental effect on your life and business include the following:

1.A negative mindset might undermine your confidence. How do you respond when your supervisor or client informs you that you made a mistake or that they are dissatisfied with your final product? Is it enough to shake your world for days on end, or can you recover, make the necessary corrections, and go on? If your brain is urging you to strive for perfection, you will understandably feel dissatisfied if you make a mistake or misinterpret your client’s requirements. Recognize your humanity and find a method to make the client happy. Then jot down the lesson in a notebook or institute a new procedure to ensure that such an error does not occur again.

This lack of confidence may have prevented you from making the initial leap from employee to entrepreneur. Do you want to be confined to a cubicle working for others, or do you want the flexibility to establish your own hours, accept the customers you choose, and be accountable to no one but yourself?

2. A poverty mindset might have an effect on how you price things. Although the term “money blockages” has become a trendy buzzword recently, I continue to hear story after story of single entrepreneurs who persistently underprice their services. If you underprice yourself in order to land a job, you face the danger of not making enough money to cover your bills, and you’re subtly communicating to prospects that you don’t value yourself highly enough. If clients balk at paying your pricing, they are not your ideal clientele.

3. An impostor mindset can have an effect on your self-presentation to others. Another prevalent issue among solitary entrepreneurs is a sense of impostor syndrome, particularly if their talents are self-taught or their industry is already saturated with hundreds of rivals. Feeling like an impostor also contributes to the other scenarios mentioned above, when you lack confidence and don’t charge what you’re worth due to a sense of inadequacy. Presenting this image to prospects will almost certainly cause them to hesitate employing you, simply because they want to feel completely confidence in your ability to perform the job.

Knowing and comprehending your mentality towards various elements of your business is critical for both personal and professional success. However, do not despair: with consistent effort, mindset changes are absolutely achievable. Frequently, this entails converting negative self-talk to positive self-talk or adopting the polar opposite notion. Therefore, if you lack confidence in a scenario, remind yourself of all the wonderful work you have done for your clients and read their testimonials. If this is repeated frequently enough, your confidence will increase.

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Suzanne Peters

Suzanne Peters is the CEO of Woman To Woman Network. A growth and business development company for women who want more out of life. Suzanne is also a best-selling author, international speaker and business coach for women. ​Suzanne specializes in training ambitious women to leverage their story, life experiences and voice to build their own high impact, high paying business, so they can live life on their own terms.

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