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#1 Networking & Business Platform For Women Entrepreneurs & Professionals


Hey there. I'm Suzanne Peters. The CEO and founder of Woman To Woman Network. A comprehensive business platform that provides networking opportunities, business systems and support for women entrepreneurs and professionals.

We are a supportive community where women can connect, share ideas, access valuable resources, learn, teach and get inspired, while building their dream business.

Whether you're just starting your entrepreneurial journey or a seasoned professional, our network is here to empower you on your path to achieving your business goals.

Why Woman To Woman Network?

We understand the unique challenges and aspirations you face in today's ever-evolving marketplace. That's why we've created a space dedicated to empowering your professional growth and business achievements.

  1. Curated Networking Events: Connect with fellow entrepreneurs at events designed to foster professional growth and collaboration.

  2. Accountability & Support: Join a community of driven women who understand your journey and support your growth by holding you accountable to your goals.

  3. Business Services: Use our all-in-one platform to build and manage every aspect of your business, in one place, at a fraction of the cost.

Support For Women

We host monthly networking events, exclusively for women entrepreneurs and professionals.

We make networking fun. Our events include Happy Hours, Luncheons, Coffee & Connects, and Coffee Hours, each tailored to your city.

Best of all, these events offer a fantastic opportunity to connect and build relationships with other women in the community. Don't miss out!

Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

How We Can Support You

Attend A Networking Event

Participate in a networking events to engage with like-minded women entrepreneurs and professionals in your city.

Join Our Accountability Group

When you join, you become a part of an empowering community of women, that will support and push you to new heights.

Use Our Business Services

Get an all-in-one business system that provides everything your business needs in one place at a fraction of the cost.

What People Say About Us

Bree Gordon

Such an amazing event and life changing experience connecting with such business-minded women and entrepreneurs in Atlanta. The Woman-to-Woman network provided each of us with a safe space to grow, learn and to show up authentically!

Caroline Morley

I attended my first event and I can faithfully say I was able to connect with like minded women who are kind with goals and different business

Janelle Caines

Woman To Woman Network's platform has been a blessing to me and my business. I'm saving money, I'm growing my business and best of all, I get to connect with women who are on a similar path as me. Totally worth it.

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